The Thompson Family | Frankfort Family Photographer

I feel like I’ve taken a huge leap this week. Something in me has yet again opened up and I feel incredible. I literally look back at the past 5 months I’ve been back home and watching this business grow into something unimaginable. If you all only knew how eternally grateful I truly am. There are some people in this world that remind me all the reasons why I decided to make this my career.

The Thompson Family did just that for me. This young, gorgeous family allowed me into their little bubble and meet their “super hero” Roscoe. Now, I’ve photographed many families before but none have amounted to this. I don’t know what it is exactly that makes me feel different about these. Maybe it’s the technical aspects? Maybe it’s the fact that these two love their little guy and each other so much that it was almost easy for me to capture the true essence of their passionate family. All I know is that I am blessed to do what I do every day!

We took our journey into Historic Frankfort which is a location I shoot at quite frequently but each time I try to see it differently. It was nice to come back with a family this time vs. just one person. Most, if not all of these images we captured are real, candid, stunning images of what this family is all about.

With all this said, I really want you all to take a look and realize how important it is to capture what life is like…right now. It’s constantly changing. Whether you have a family, a relationship, or are just about to embark upon something new and great. Take the time to capture today and what it’s all about.

A huge thank you to Chantelle & Anthony - you guys rock!!

All above images shot with a Canon 5D Mark II + 50mm 1.8 lens + a reflector in some shots.

Kallie | Chicago Teen Photographer

Kallie has always been so inspiring to photograph. She doesn’t even have to smile and she just looks stunning! Her eyes can say so much by doing so little. I’m super jealous! Not only is she gorgeous, but she has a killer style to boot. I knew from the get go that Kallie would be perfect for my “Fall Fashionista” project. She showcases fashion that any girl can pull off beautifully. It’s simple & casual but still has a poise & elegance mixed in with it.

We had a beautiful fall day join us a long with a great location! We ventured to Pilcher Park in Joliet, IL. Most people go there for the typical scenery of gardens, etc. I on the other hand go there for the places no one else sees. It’s the hidden spots that are my favorite…and usually the ones that have no trespassing signs! ;)

Kallie and I had a blast and I hope to work with her and her wonderful family again in the near future!

All above images shot with a Canon 5D Mark II + 50mm 1.8 lens + a reflector in some shots as well.

Amanda | Chicago Portrait Photographer

Meet Amanda who was the second model for my “Fall Fashionista” project this season! What a better person than a fashion major to show of this upcoming seasons latest fashions! She had the best outfits, accessories, shoes, hair, etc! Everything went great and combined perfectly with the location and idea that I had envisioned.

We ventured into downtown Joliet and found so many great spots! I had come down here for a session once before and used some of the same locations but found some really cool new ones as well! Amanda has such a great sense of herself and the perfect amount of confidence. Can I also say how jealous I am of her hair! So pretty :)

Enjoy the preview! Hope this helps any upcoming female clients with ideas for clothing/accessories!

Kristyn | Senior Portrait Session

Kristyn and her brother Nick were such a blast to photograph. They definitely reminded me of me and my little brother. Same age difference and same mannerisms. Before the session I discussed with their mom on what location would be best and she mentioned how Kristyn loves to run so I knew we had to go into nature in my favorite spot down in the Hickory Creek Forest Preserve! Now, not only did we have perfect weather but there was so many beautiful yellow wild flowers!! They’ve just started popping up everywhere. It’s these last bits of summer that will make me miss it…sort of! I am very much ready for the beauty of fall to unveil itself!

The main gist of this session was for Kristyn’s Senior Portraits which she hands down NAILED. I haven’t seen someone be so natural in front of the camera. She was constantly changing things up and keeping me on my feet with new and wonderful ideas! She looks straight out of Seventeen Magazine in some of these!!

A huge thanks to Kristyn and especially Nicky for supporting his beautiful sister. I hope you both had as much fun as I did and I hope to work with you again! xx