Kelsey | Chicago Senior Portrait Photographer

I don’t know if it’s luck but I always get the most gorgeous Seniors! Each and every one of them is a perfect example of beauty that doesn’t have to be out of a magazine. They are real and true. Kelsey showed off her bright personality every chance she had. Totally comfortable in front of the camera, she even worked it as a model would. I’m telling you, something must be in the water because all these young ladies are rocking it this season! Class of 2011 is by far my favorite so far! ;)

Hickory Creek has by far been one of my favorite spots all summer. They had beautiful gorgeous fields with tall grass, wildflowers, etc. Obviously with my luck it all got mowed down for the Fall/Winter seasons. Somehow with this session though, it felt like something new. With the fields gone, I have allowed myself to venture to new parts of the preserve and have fallen in love with it all over again! These fall colors have faded too fast and the leaves are barley hanging in there because of these nasty wind storms we’ve had this week. Luckily, Kelsey and I got lucky enough to get the last bit of fall before it was all gone!

We also took our adventure to another favorite spot of mine in Frankfort for a couple fun shots and even ended the evening with some ice cream. Yummy! A big thanks to Kelsey and her mother, Kelly, for all their positive and fun attitudes. They made this such a fun session!

All images shot with a Canon 5D Mark II, 50mm 1.8 and a 52” Reflector















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