Amanda | Orland Park Teen Photographer

Meet Amanda who helped me with my “Fall Fashionista” project, though it was more like an Indian Summer day that we had! Amanda came willing and eager to try everything. That always makes a session enjoyable when you know you’re able to go and try lots of great things! We took ourselves to “Old Orland” which is a very simple, quaint area in Orland Park which houses a few antique shops as well as a few great spots to photograph! I have such a love for historic towns and what they have to offer. It’s like stepping back in time for a moment!

Amanda truly gave it her all and I can’t thank her enough! We had some beautiful weather and especially so, we had some gorgeous sunlight! You know me, I love me some sun flares! ;) I love giving everyday girls the chance to feel beautiful and extraordinary. It’s the best feeling in the world when you know that they can feel beautiful and they don’t have to look like some model out of a magazine. That isn’t real. This is real.

Enjoy the preview!














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