Kelan | Frankfort Child Photographer

Is Kelan not the cutest? He seriously stole my heart from the second I met him. We hit it off wonderfully and he really opened up and had a great time. His mommy, Tara Kennedy is a fellow photographer whom I’ve just recently met and I am so glad we decided on this impromptu session last evening. What was supposed to be a simple head shot or two turned into a full on session that went on close to an hour. I just couldn’t believe how well he was doing and neither could mom! I knew we needed to take advantage of it as long as we could. Glad we did because the best close ups are right at the end of the session. This 85mm 1.2L is spoiling me big time! The sharpness and bokeh are to die for! How am I ever going to go back to my nifty fifty after this?!

A huge thanks to Tara, my new friend! She is such an incredible person! It’s so nice to have someone near by who understands what I do and will talk with me for hours about all things photography! Thank you Tara for letting me meet your wonderful, sweet boy!

All images shot with a Canon 5D Mark II + 85mm 1.2Lblog1.jpg












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