Casting Call | Stephanie Pana Photography

Stephanie Pana Photography is looking to cast for her upcoming Spring Film Project with Erin Lashley!!


Here is a perfect example of what we will be doing, but we’re taking it to the next level this time!


We will be filmed by Miss Erin Lashley herself, possibly any other helpers she may or may not need. She will be capturing the essence of what I do in my natural state of shooting a session. I am looking to further put a face to my brand, as well as really help people understand what I do and why it’s so special to me! These three types of sessions are my absolute favorite and where I feel I shine the best as a photographer.


I am currently looking to cast for 3 separate types of sessions:

  • High School Senior Portrait Session
  • Bridal/Trash The Dress Session
  • Couple/Engagement Session

**All sessions will be filmed in a behind the scenes manner for a project I am working on to showcase my work in video form.


These three sessions need to be extraordinary! Not that any of my usual sessions aren’t! :) I really want to showcase what I do to the fullest. The best outfits, locations, props, ideas, etc. I need people who are okay with being not only photographed, but also to be filmed! You’ll definitely be feeling like a celebrity for a day! :)




$175 Session Fee ($50 discount!! Usually $225) 

  • This will include your fun & fabulous session with Stephanie Pana Photography, that will last up to three hours.
  • Up to 3 outfits (Seniors) / Up to 2 outfits (Couples/Engagement/Bridal)
  • A Portrait CD from our session together, showcasing 20-30 final poses chosen by Stephanie. These are hi-res files, which are each hand edited in both color + black and white versions. Printing rights are included as well.

I know there are LOTS of you out there that would love to be a part of this! So what I need you to do is enter and spread the word! I will be taking applications thru February 7, 2011. This gives you one whole month to enter but don’t be lazy and grab your spot as I am only showcasing three sessions in this fabulous project!




Email me the following to

  • Type of session you’re interested in?
  • Name, age, city you live in?
  • Story of your relationship (If you’re interested in couple/engagement/bridal session)
  • Hobbies, interests, etc.
  • Estimated availability in March - April 2011
  • What makes you stand out for us to choose you for this awesome opportunity?


Senior Rep Program {Spring 2011}

Stephanie Pana Photography is kicking off it’s first Senior Representative Program for 2011! What is the Senior Rep program you ask? A fun, fashion forward Senior Portrait Session with Stephanie Pana, at a special discounted price! What a better way to enjoy your senior year than to show off what you love and who you are! Now is the time to grasp the moment and feel like a model for a day!

Senior Reps are an important part of my clientele. Seniors have become my absolute favorite subjects to shoot. Nothing like adding a fashion edge to your traditional senior portraits. Stephanie brings forth the confidence in every one she works with. With up to four outfit changes, you have free reign over controlling your personal style and capturing as many different looks as you can. This is the age of finding out who you are and that’s the best part - Being able to be a part of something so memorable!

Do you want to have a unqiue photo experience like nothing you’ve experienced before? Get ready to feel confident, beautiful and ready to take on the world after your Senior Session. Being a Senior Rep is like a really, really fun part-time job! You’re responsible to represent the image of SPP and really be able to talk up your experience that you had to all your friends, classmates and family!

I will be taking applications thru December 31, 2010. I will choose 4 high school students from all over the Chicagoland area to be my final lucky Senior Reps by January 1, 2011. Sessions will be after March, once the weather warms up!

The Senior Portrait Session $100 (Usually $175)

  • One - Two hour portrait session with Stephanie on location(s) at urban, natural, historic settings.
  • Up to 4 outfit changes which helps give you lots of great variety to go with casual, funky, dressy looks. Anything goes!
  • A Proof Box of 25-35 4x6 images which have been hand selected by the photographer as the final set of images. Use these images to show off to your friends so they can really get a good vibe of what this is all about!
  • A set of Senior Rep Cards to pass onto friends and family. This is like your business card!
  • For every set of referrals brought back, you receive really fun gifts from Stephanie herself!

All the Senior Reps must meet the following requirements:

  • Must be graduating in 2011 from a Chicagoland area High School.
  • An outgoing personality that will truly help show off the spirit of teen fashion, trends, etc.
  • Great style is a must. I want someone who is confident with who they are and what they wear!
  • Must be willing to fully represent / spread the word about ONLY Stephanie Pana Photography to friends & classmates.
  • You won’t be required to know the knowledge of my pricing/packages. Just send them to me and I’ll take care of the rest!
  • Referrals must follow through and book a session for it to qualify towards your total.
  • Your parent/guardian must sign a model release for these images.

The referral program works as follows…Your referrals can be towards any sessions: Seniors, Teens, Children, Babies, Families, etc. So even pass the word along to your family! The more referrals, the more gifts you can get! In order for a referral to qualify towards your total, they must follow through, book a session and have the session completed for it to count.

Here is a breakdown of the gifts included for how many referrals you bring in! At least 3 referrals are needed to qualify towards any gift items.

  • Complimentary Manicure (3)
  • 2 movie tickets to a movie of your choosing (3)
  • $25 Gift Card (4)
  • 2 complimentary 8x10’s for your choosing (4)
  • A custom calendar from your portrait session (5)
  • A custom 10 page, 4x6 album from your session (6)
  • 11x14 Gallery Wrap of an image of your choosing (7)
  • A Portrait CD of all 25-35 images the photographer selected. Hi-res images in both color/b&w. Full Printing rights are included! (10)

** More gifts coming soon!

If you’re interested, I will be taking applications thru December 31, 2010. Please email the following to

Name, age, town, high school, graduating year, and why you feel you’re a good candidate for the Senior Rep Program?

Thanks so much! I hope we get to work together in this really fun project! :)

Stephanie Pana

Mommy to be | Brookfield Maternity Photographer

Jolene is such a gorgeous mommy-to-be. She had the perfect little round tummy that is holding their new baby boy! I cannot wait to meet him when he arrives. Jolene had the best surroundings in her yard and even in her house. A newly renovated 100+ year old home, very reminiscent of the Chicago Bungalows. It was the perfect setting for our session. What a better location than the comfort of your own home!

We ended up taking most of these inside as rain started to come our way but with this handy dandy 85L lens I’ve been using, I knew I’d be okay :) I am really going to miss this lens when I have to give it back on Friday! I think I know my next big investment….!

All images shot with a Canon 5D Mark II + 85mm 1.2L













Kelan | Frankfort Child Photographer

Is Kelan not the cutest? He seriously stole my heart from the second I met him. We hit it off wonderfully and he really opened up and had a great time. His mommy, Tara Kennedy is a fellow photographer whom I’ve just recently met and I am so glad we decided on this impromptu session last evening. What was supposed to be a simple head shot or two turned into a full on session that went on close to an hour. I just couldn’t believe how well he was doing and neither could mom! I knew we needed to take advantage of it as long as we could. Glad we did because the best close ups are right at the end of the session. This 85mm 1.2L is spoiling me big time! The sharpness and bokeh are to die for! How am I ever going to go back to my nifty fifty after this?!

A huge thanks to Tara, my new friend! She is such an incredible person! It’s so nice to have someone near by who understands what I do and will talk with me for hours about all things photography! Thank you Tara for letting me meet your wonderful, sweet boy!

All images shot with a Canon 5D Mark II + 85mm 1.2Lblog1.jpg












Ericka L. | Chicago Dance Photographer

By far, one of my favorite sessions to date. Everything about this was perfect! The location, the dancing, the weather, the atmosphere and the message being portrayed. It flowed perfectly! Ericka and I work so well together and she is an absolutel beauty in front of the camera. All she needed was the music and her passion of dance to take her anywhere. Goose Island in the city has SO much to offer. Everywhere I looked I found something that could be used and she understood how to help bring out the shapes, lines, etc. She is a true artist!

All images shot with a Canon 5D Mark II + 85mm 1.2L <3


















Kelsey | Chicago Senior Portrait Photographer

I don’t know if it’s luck but I always get the most gorgeous Seniors! Each and every one of them is a perfect example of beauty that doesn’t have to be out of a magazine. They are real and true. Kelsey showed off her bright personality every chance she had. Totally comfortable in front of the camera, she even worked it as a model would. I’m telling you, something must be in the water because all these young ladies are rocking it this season! Class of 2011 is by far my favorite so far! ;)

Hickory Creek has by far been one of my favorite spots all summer. They had beautiful gorgeous fields with tall grass, wildflowers, etc. Obviously with my luck it all got mowed down for the Fall/Winter seasons. Somehow with this session though, it felt like something new. With the fields gone, I have allowed myself to venture to new parts of the preserve and have fallen in love with it all over again! These fall colors have faded too fast and the leaves are barley hanging in there because of these nasty wind storms we’ve had this week. Luckily, Kelsey and I got lucky enough to get the last bit of fall before it was all gone!

We also took our adventure to another favorite spot of mine in Frankfort for a couple fun shots and even ended the evening with some ice cream. Yummy! A big thanks to Kelsey and her mother, Kelly, for all their positive and fun attitudes. They made this such a fun session!

All images shot with a Canon 5D Mark II, 50mm 1.8 and a 52” Reflector















Therese | Chicago Portrait Photographer

Do you ever just have one of those days where you just feel completely inspired by every thing around you? This was one of those days. Obviously a new and fabulous location helped me bring out something a little extra. I cannot tell you how much fun this session was! Therese was beyond comfortable with the camera from the first shot. I knew we would have a great time getting some really great images. Initially, we were supposed to venture out to a near by forest preserve that I have been to many of times. I had come across this location in the city and fell in LOVE with it. Therese and I immediately knew this was going to be our new location for her session :)

Not only do these feel like some of the most real images I’ve captured but they really feel like they have a presence and a spirit about them. I owe that greatly to Therese for her outstanding personality!

I’m constantly trying to find my “style” and I think I’m finally getting there. You guys may not notice it but every few weeks/months I try something new. I’m really beginning to enjoy this fun, carefree style I’ve been carrying and I hope it stays for a long while and only gets better!

All images shot with a Canon 5D Mark II, 50mm 1.8 and a 52” Reflector 











Jen + TJ | Frankfort Engagement Photographer

Ever have one of those sessions where it just doesn’t even feel like you’re working? This was definitely the feeling. Everything was so carefree, last minute, and random. That’s the way it was mean to be. This wasn’t meant to be a “posing” session but just capturing the two of these love birds in their own little love bubble :)

I’ve known Jen for a few years now but we had never met until this day! As a fellow photographer, she knew what she wanted to portray in her images and knew how to be creative about it. I give her all credit towards these not only for the fact she brought the best props and ideas BUT she also let me borrow her 70-200mm 2.8 lens <3 All I use is a 50mm 1.8, so this was a huge step up for me. Made a world of difference! Now, I’m just going to have to save up for one of my own!

Downtown Frankfort is growing on me more and more. I go there SO much but lately, I’ve been trying to explore it even further and constantly find new things about it. I did just that with their session! Love these so much! Their pinky tattoos are probably the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen!

Enjoy the preview!
















Amanda | Orland Park Teen Photographer

Meet Amanda who helped me with my “Fall Fashionista” project, though it was more like an Indian Summer day that we had! Amanda came willing and eager to try everything. That always makes a session enjoyable when you know you’re able to go and try lots of great things! We took ourselves to “Old Orland” which is a very simple, quaint area in Orland Park which houses a few antique shops as well as a few great spots to photograph! I have such a love for historic towns and what they have to offer. It’s like stepping back in time for a moment!

Amanda truly gave it her all and I can’t thank her enough! We had some beautiful weather and especially so, we had some gorgeous sunlight! You know me, I love me some sun flares! ;) I love giving everyday girls the chance to feel beautiful and extraordinary. It’s the best feeling in the world when you know that they can feel beautiful and they don’t have to look like some model out of a magazine. That isn’t real. This is real.

Enjoy the preview!














Katie | Chicago Fashion Photographer

Katie and I always seem to come up with bigger and better ideas every time we collaborate. This would be our third time working together and it was by far my favorite of them all! From the beginning, I knew this would be focused on Fall Fashion but I really wanted it to be something different and out of the ordinary for me. I decided to come up with this theme of it being vintage inspired. Very much from the 40’s era. Initially, we were going to take our adventure into the city, but when we started to find all of our props around her house, I quickly decided that this needed to be somewhere serene and private. So came the main idea of us to do a “blanket/picnic” type set up.

Everything you see here was all thanks to Katie’s amazing fashion sense and her mother’s wonderful collection of all things vintage! We hit the jackpot to say the least! I really hope to continue stepping out of the box like this. It was a breath of fresh air for me. I also messed around with freelensing…a lot. It’s something new I learned about recently and cannot get enough of it! You can see it showcased in many of these images! I love these to pieces and I truly hope you feel like you’ve stepped back in time for a small moment!















All images shot with a Canon 5D Mark II, 50mm 1.8, 52” Reflector